Canarias Cultural opens your doors

We are a small international school in the heart of Santa Cruz, in one of the most beautiful areas of the city. We specialise in giving Spanish classes as a foreign language. For more than 10 years, we have offered a homely and family environment to learn Spanish for students from all over the world. We create a great relationship between the students and the teachers; which in turn makes the learning of the language, customs and traditions easier and more interesting.

A summary of our benefits:

  • All of our teachers are native philologists who specialise in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They use the most adequate methods and this leads to enjoyable but also efficient classes. 
  • The classes are given in Spanish from the start and you will learn this language in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere. We are convinced that a good atmosphere is as important as a good exercise book.
  • Furthermore, we have small class sizes (3 to 8 students) to maintain the high quality of teaching delivered to our students. This is the best way to guarantee that everyone learns well, by being able to participate in class.
  • Beside having class rooms, there is also one multimedia room equipped with a TV set, a video recorder, a stereo and computers with free internet access.

      It will be our pleasure to show                           you our work!